DMK is the leader of the Paramedical Skin Revision market. The system used to approach the skin is effective, offering long-term results. Exclusive to DMK-trained skin revision clinics, DMK skincare is not just another line of skincare products. It is the only company in the world that utilizes the benefits of transfer messenger enzymes. DMK treatments are designed to remove dead protein and toxins from deep within the skin. 


The DMK system is based on the philosophy of removing, rebuilding, protecting, and maintaining your skin health. This concept is simply about rehabilitating balance and enhancing skin back to it’s flawless appearance. 


REMOVING the dead skin cells that build up over time. 


REBUILDING the skin’s cellular level with nutrients to ensure the skin performs as it should. This enables the cells to stay alive longer resulting in healthier, younger looking skin.  


PROTECTING the skin from the sun, glycosylation, and other environmental factors that can lead to premature aging.


MAINTAINING the skin’s health and balance. Enabling the skin to function at it’s best with the appropriate home care.  


Use DMK to treat: 





-tightening skin



Enzyme Therapy Treatment:

The DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment is the first step to skin revision. This advanced treatment is an intense detoxifying treatment applied on the face, neck, and décolleté. The enzyme therapy creates a pulsing sensation that indicates fresh oxygenated blood is being pumped through the capillaries, an effect known as the Plasmatic Effect. This effect delivers fresh nutrients and oxygen to our skin cells, intensely cleaning our skin by removing toxins from deep within. Known for lightening and tightening the skin, this treatment leaves the skin with an ageless, glowing appearance post treatment. This treatment is suitable for all skin types.

Virtual  Consults

Virtual Consultations are perfect for customers that are from out of town or  This Consultation includes a review of any previous and current health/skin conditions, an assessment of your current skincare products/regimen, an evaluation on current lifestyle, and a new home skincare regimen. Products will be shipped to the location of your choice.