Lenox Skincare is the very first Multi-Cultural Skincare clinic in the state of Oklahoma. With 14+ years of education on global skin, Lenox Skincare promises that each client that comes in our door will receive the best experience in learning how to take care of their skin. We stay innovated and aware of proven treatments that become apparent in the industry. We are dedicated to delivering results in the best way possible. With our promise of results- driven skincare, we provide excellence to our clients. Each client that comes in will have a customized treatment plan tailored to them. Our approach on treating the skin gives wellness and lifestyle guidance along with, product recommendation for home care that will further their results. These practices have proven a 90% success rate with our clients.

Lenox Skincare specializes in corrective and advanced facial treatments tailored to each individuals needs. We treat a variety of issues like Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, Hormonal and Teenage Acne, Anti-Aging and scarring.

Here at Lenox Skincare we care about our clients and their skin.

“Your Skin is our priority”


Tiffany Lenox, Founder

We have our owner founder, Tiffany Lenox, who has been doing skincare and wellness for over 14 years. She is Oklahoma’s first Multicultural focused esthetician. She has gained numerous certifications and has trained with the top leaders for treating Global/Multicultural Skin. As stated before she has expanded her knowledge into the Medical Esthetics field. 

Dr. Salam Ramadan

Stephanie Rivas

Stephanie Rivas has been in the beauty industry for a few years now as a makeup artist. She had a great love for doing peoples makeup that soon turned into a passion for skincare. Stephanie not only specializes in skincare she does other services too, such as brow shaping, brow lamination, and henna brow tinting. 

Ericka Cruz

Our other esthetician is Ericka Cruz, starting out as a Massage therapist she stumbled on to esthetics by accident and was intrigued by it. She has a passion for touch therapy, and making people feel great about themselves. While training under Tiffany, Ericka has broaden her knowledge on Multicultural skin with a focus on anti-aging and face lifting.

You are all welcome to visit us at Lenox Skincare, where we have a great team of esthetician’s here to help you. Our wonderful staff will help with all of your skincare needs.

Lenox Skincare is Oklahoma’s only Multicultural Skincare Clinic specializing in facials and corrective treatments. Our mission is to be the leader in professional skincare. Bridging the knowledge gap in treatments for traditional and global skin. We want to be the first clinic that will treat ALL SKIN TYPES.

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